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Antwerp Game Days 2013

We brought the Winnitron to the Antwerp Game Days. Lot of people enjoying it among the retro consoles and guitar and dancing games.

We also introduced something new: the Game Paint Factory.

The factory lets you color stuff in a game, on real paper, with real pencils! A camera registers your masterpiece and projects it on the in-game objects. You can walk around, paint stuff and discover the creations of others!

Here’s some pictures of the atmosphere at the Antwerp Game Days:
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Free To Play: Game Expo In Antwerp

Free To Play
Big news: we will be joining and co-organising a Game Expo In Antwerp!

Free To Play: The exposition of 2 Indie Arcades, Winnitron Belgium and Press (X) triggered the launch of a 2 month game exposition. Next to the Arcades you can also find ‘An Ode to Gaming’ a collection of game inspired illustrations. We will also present a mix of Belgian and international Indie Games and celebrate the launch of Element4L.
Free To Play on the web: [winkelhaak], [facebook]

Beside the expo there will be some cool events:

18 May, from 19h
Expo opening with interactive docu, indie game tournaments and screenings

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